Once upon a time...

"Only do what your heart tells you." Princess Diana

Yoseob and Doojoon harmonize(´∀`)

(Fuente: instasik, vía woonie-the-pooh)


B2ST photoshoot for Star1 {Kiseung|2Jun|Dongseob|OT6}

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YOSEOB: Check! Check!
OTHERS: kekekeke
YOSEOB: Yo! Uh! Who’s shorter than me? My dream is actually to be taller than anyone else. When will I have my solo stage so I can express my talent? Do you think I can prepare for this? Oh well, the truth is I can’t.

A bug passes by Beast and…

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Yoseob (Beast)

(Fuente: kimzhang)

Why do people take notice of first snowfall but not the last days of snow? Remember the last too.
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